Gerald Atkins

Head Coach & Committee Chairman

Richard Curle

Referee & Tour Manager & BOA Men's Coach

Elliott Wilkinson

U19 Team Coach

Girl with Yellow Sweater

Aaron Lindsay

U16 Team Coach

Girl with Grey Tshirt

Sarah Lakey

U14 Team Coach

James Gilbert

U14 Team Coach & Mens Player

Carl Mealey

U14 Team Coach & Mens Player

Girl with Yellow Sweater

Andrew Pettifer

U12 Team Coach

Girl with Grey Tshirt

Chris Goodwill

U12 Team Coach & Club Secretary

Katy Herdman

Beginners Coach

Kathryn Bamforth

Club Welfare Officer


about:  Working in the NHS, I have to keep up to date with information relating to safeguarding and child protection.  As a TSW Juniors parent, I'm keen to support this fantastic club to continue its success so it's important that players and parents or carers feel able to raise any concerns, however small.  Please email me, all matters will treated discretely.

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Paul Davis

Club Treasurer

Girl with Grey Tshirt